ErrorEND offers Error to END, a PC optimization tool that puts the strength of the latest technology and an impressive set of powerful utilities to work for you, making it easily the leading registry software program on the market today.Its features include:

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Hard Drive and Registry Scan.
By using ErrorEND, you get a thorough scan of your hard drive and registry in order to ensure the validity of all shortcuts. If shortcuts do not lead to an actual file or if they are broken or invalid, ErrorEND will detect it and remove them from your system, freeing up important disk space.

Instantly Repairs System Freezing and Rebooting Issues.
If you face a system that freezes up while you are working or one that has issues upon rebooting Windows, we understand your frustration. ErrorEND will scan for damaged shortcuts or invalid entries that often cause such inconveniences and fix them so that you can do what you need to efficiently.

Start-Up Customization
A customized start-up is one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase the speed of your computer, without actually investing in costly hardware upgrades. ErrorEND lets you manage your start-up list and customize it to what you need. This means that there are no useless programs slowing down your computer and creating virtual clutter.

Browser Helper Object Management
BHOs or browser helper objects are plug-ins that load each time you launch your internet browser. While meant to improve functionality of the web browser, they can slow down your computer. ErrorEND gives you the option to look at the BHOs that are on your computer and remove the unnecessary ones.

Restoration and Back-Up of Internet Explorer Set-Up
Your settings on Internet Explorer are important to the ease of use of your computer. ErrorEND always has a back-up copy of your settings, so if something happens and you lose them, you can restore them quickly and easily.

Convenient ErrorEND Back-Up
ErrorEND is a reliable way to back-up your computer. It backs up changes made to the registry, giving you ease of restoration if the need presents itself. The system restore point set by ErrorEND is where the back-up begins and each registry update following that point is also backed up.

Program Removal Management
Unused programs are a part of almost every PC. By removing the useless programs, you will have additional resources at your disposal and a computer that runs more efficiently. Even if you have attempted removal of unused programs in the past, they may still be there taking up space. Let ErrorEND remove them completely and permanently, so your computer runs at the speed and level of efficiency that it should.

The Latest Scanning Technology
ErrorEND has the latest technology at its disposal to efficiently scan the registry of your system and your hard drive. It targets any problems and deals with them effectively.

Live Updates
ErrorEND does an automatic scan for available updates every time you start your PC, notifying you immediately of all that are available. This ensures that you always have the latest version of ErrorEND, your tool for effectiveness.

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